The con­tact form that was here pre­vi­ously remained almost com­pletely unused by any­one oth­er than cor­res­pond­ents with gib­ber­ish names who wanted me to buy Via­gra, so I have deleted it. If you want to email me — you know how to email, don’t you? You just put your lips togeth­er and press Send — then do so at this address:

mail at unre­li­ablewit­ness dot com

Here are some sug­ges­tions as to sub­jects you might poten­tially want to con­tact me about:

  • to tell me I’m won­der­ful
  • to offer me a writ­ing gig
  • to tell me I’m bril­liant
  • to offer to pub­lish me
  • to tell me I’m mag­ni­fi­cent
  • to say this is the best blog you’ve ever read

Well, I’m sure you get the pic­ture. You’re intel­li­gent people.

If you have any com­plaints or cri­ti­cisms, please email the same address, but include the phrase BUY GENERIC XANAX AND TALK TO HORNY BABES ON WEBCAM in your sub­ject line, so that the spam fil­ter picks it up and I can safely ignore the mes­sage. Then I will be able to go on liv­ing in my own bliss­ful dream world where every­one loves me.

Thank you for your co-oper­a­tion in this mat­ter.