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Unsent letter #9

Dear You, What happened there? Was it the same that happened here? Did you go away? Taken leave of your senses? Have you been on hol­i­day? I have. Months ago, I packed my single shabby suit­case and scarpered. I shrugged off this incess­ant whirl and joined the rat race. Have you ever taken a hol­i­day […]

Unsent letter #8

Dear You, Give or take a day or two, and more or less half a memory away, it struck me this after­noon, like a force­ful blow to the back of the neck from a malevol­ent spir­it, that it has been a full year since this still regret­tably one-sided cor­res­pond­ence began. Such thoughts fre­quently occur to […]

Unsent letter #7

Dear You, First, a pre­amble. If you prefer, you may ignore this part and skip straight to the meat of the mat­ter, since I know all too well how you quickly tire of my char­ac­ter­ist­ic verb­os­ity. I am becom­ing a creature of habit, I see that now. I should stop writ­ing to you, I see […]

Unsent letter #6

Dear You, It seems there was a pause in my celes­ti­al trans­mis­sions. Are you receiv­ing me loud and clear? The only explan­a­tion I can pos­sibly offer is that the clouds in my broken neck of the woods have been heav­ier than lead in air these past months. A num­ber of par­tic­u­larly aggrav­at­ing cumulon­im­bus took up […]

Unsent letter #5

Dear You, This let­ter may ini­tially appear rather more muddled and weary than you have come to expect of my usu­ally fas­ti­di­ously ordered thoughts. I have only one some­what piti­ful jus­ti­fic­a­tion for this. My tongue hurts. Yes, I know that I do not write with my tongue (except for those occa­sion­al rude mes­sages I might […]

Unsent letter #4

Dear You, I have ter­rible, won­der­ful news. Ter­ribly, the clocks are going for­ward an hour tomor­row even­ing. You tell me, mean­while, that they are going back an hour the morn­ing after. I think that’s the order of our dis­order. Or is our time on this mor­tal coil mov­ing for­ward an hour and back an hour […]

Unsent letter #3

Dear You, My apo­lo­gies for the con­tin­ued lack of any hand­writ­ten missive winging its way to you across the briny. As I attemp­ted to explain in my most recent clum­sily garbled sen­tences, this is due to a size­able increase in the amount of con­ver­sa­tion I have been indul­ging in (an entirely unfa­mil­i­ar concept to me), […]

Unsent letter #2

Dear You, I will con­fess to hav­ing been obsessed lately, think­ing day and night amd all points inbetween of what phys­ic­al object I can pos­sibly send you to accom­pany these failed missives of apathy and tor­ment, writ­ten with such dili­gence and care before they are torn up and thrown dis­missively into the flames. This morn­ing, […]

Unsent letter #1

Dear You, Please appre­ci­ate that these are not my words. I stole them from a passing Aus­trali­an — the one whose voice has a dis­tinctly smoke-filled timbre. He also pos­sesses a strange taste in foot­wear, and har­bours abso­lutely no regard for per­son­al hygiene. “My dreams have caught me out. I find myself sur­roun­ded by the […]