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22:56 and unlocked, unlocked, unlocked

I let them in. I shouldn’t have done. But I did. I don’t know why. Maybe. I don’t know. Because I stopped work­ing? Because I paused? Because I took a breath. But yes, I let them in. I grabbed them from thirty years in the past and pulled them into my mind. Delib­er­ately. Meth­od­ic­ally. With […]

17:54 and pissing on debris

Still all itch and rebel skin sta­ging its mid-sea­son power grab for early release. It clearly wants off me and some­where else. Can’t blame it. And pause to deflect. Don’t scratch. Except a little. How long before I reach bone? Or vis­cera? Or gristle? Or the anti­podes? There are too many people hov­er­ing incred­ibly, indelibly, […]

23:23 and repeat after me

I am all enforced tired­ness and rebelling skin itch itch scratch scratch blight­ers and try­ing to throw myself into work to see what work throws back but work won’t love and respect you in the morn­ing and miss­ing moments and recall­ing oth­ers and let’s drain some frus­tra­tion with a knit­ting needle into the ear and […]

Barcode ? Process ? Barcode ? ENDS

Scan back­wards, scan for­wards. Red light on. And flick­er. Pic­ture the scene. Pic­ture this scene. Indulge me. So. Cold hard marble table. Fuck [comma here at reader’s dis­cre­tion] my freez­ing bat­tery chick­en freshly plucked flesh. You know. I mean, no. I mean. You know? Yes, I know now. Now. But didn’t then. Any­way. Any way? […]

Silver bullet of undying love (a glimpse)

YOU know and you KNOW when all you can THINK is that you should do some­thing ELSE but when you start to think what else and you can’t think of ANYTHING else because you’re too old to know BETTER and too old to know any DIFFERENT too BRAIN-dead and too MIND-set and too BODY-set to […]


This is just a box. You can­not come into this box. You can­not come into this box with me. I do not share this box. This box is mine. I will climb into this box. I am now climb­ing into this box. I will close the lid of this box. I am now clos­ing the […]

From fecund to feckless

I’ll try and speak and shout and scream above the sirens for you, dearest. Raise my faded energy loss voice and alco­hol addled larynx above the soused spec­tat­ors on the streets out­side and down and dead. So, yes, you should be warned that there’s one stink­ing shit­load of Fri­day night fren­zied fuck­ing and fest­iv­it­ies going […]

The great provoker

I know it can’t be. And I know it shouldn’t be, will nev­er be, must nev­er be. And I know you shouldn’t be talk­ing to me when you’re noth­ing but an inan­im­ate object. Noth­ing but a mere obelisk of imper­fect glass. And I know that I shouldn’t hear its watery pleas. And I know that […]


I am the whis­per the whisper­er the shy of voice the pause that becomes a cadence I am the word between the words after the rise and before the fall I am the dead air that even in own­er­ship of silence beats with a heart of pos­sib­il­ity I am the empti­ness in your lungs between […]

Strange things happen

Nine o’clock at night he comes to the door. Nine o’clock at night. Nine o’clock, I ask you. I tell you, he did. To the door. At nine. What sort of time? What sort of hour? What sort of time and hour do you call this? He knocks. I answer. We stand star­ing at each […]

Scorched earth policy

Can you? Can you hear? Is this work­ing? Thing on? Is this on? Is this thing on? Tap tap tap. No sound, noth­ing. Good. Click track and rewind. Press but­ton and rewind. Start again. Start over. Start start start and startle me. Start again. Start over. Over already, before we begin. Start. Shall we start? […]

Unsigned confession

wel­come to your nervous ill­ness your nervous sys­tem your flut­ter­ing and your fluc­tu­at­ing cue clam­our­ing voices are the clam­our­ing voices ready yes ready we’re ready as of a dec­ade ago stood five deep and stacked sev­en­teen high off­stage left primed and pre­pared and per­fectly poised take to the spot­lights take to the flood­lights switch switch […]

Interview with a demon

come in sit down no don’t sit down on second thoughts and third thoughts don’t sit down don’t even hov­er care­fully in mid-air can I get you a glass of water some­thing to drench no quench your parch have you trav­elled far of course you have I know you have you’ve trav­elled for years down […]