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Why this should be of the slight­est interest to any­one but me, I have no idea. But this is the inter­net, the home of inan­ity, so the need for expres­sions of interest is entirely unne­ces­sary. Fact: I’m try­ing to kill this web­site. This blog. This whatever. This six years or so of ridicu­lous prose (not […]

One dead editor

A rare moment of self-pub­­li­­city in a rare post. One which doesn’t involve psy­cho­lo­gic­al navel-gaz­ing obfus­cated via a gauze of impen­et­rable prose, either. Which is rare. A couple of entries back, I men­tioned in passing — via a link that I’m assum­ing you didn’t click, because no one clicks links from blogs any­more — that […]

Rethink, return and restart

Blog­ging, then. They — who­ever ‘they’ might be — say it’s dead. They say that no one reads blogs any­more unless they’re writ­ten by news­pa­pers, magazines, per­son­al­ity colum­nists or groups with a par­tic­u­lar niche interest. The art of indi­vidu­al writ­ten expres­sion has moved to the 140 char­ac­ters of Twit­ter, to the Farm­ville-play­ing inan­ity of Face­book, […]

Putting the E in Christmas

What are you doing on Christ­mas Day? Avoid­ing Christ­mas, yes, that’s the right answer. But, while it’s unusu­al of me to sug­gest a dif­fer­ent approach, this year I recom­mend that you embrace the Yuletide fest­iv­it­ies in a small way by wak­ing up on Christ­mas morn­ing and — after you’ve paused to mourn­fully won­der why you’re […]

Writers’ Bloc: embalming the dead

Just a note. In case anyone’s read­ing either this or that. If you ever vis­ited or con­trib­uted to Writers’ Bloc, the site for writ­ing about writ­ing for the sake of writ­ing about writ­ing in the form of writ­ing and then writ­ing some more about writ­ing, you may be vaguely inter­ested to know that at some […]


Reboot me.


Crash me.


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Script me.


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Search me.


Darby Larson’s ABJECTIVE marks the 100th piece on the site with an unchar­ac­ter­ist­ic­ally brief con­tri­bu­tion from yours truly: Lost Prop­erty. It’s both the most and least sense I’ve made in quite some time.

Protected by a big tin angel

You need to be a self-pub­­li­­cist to get noticed on the web. It was ever thus, but as the noise increases I have dis­covered that you need to shout even louder. Unfor­tu­nately, I am a lousy self-pub­­li­­cist — and get­ting worse all the time thanks to levels of self-con­­fid­ence that now reside in the base­ment […]

Waterlogged words

I like that phrase. Not mine, incid­ent­ally. “Water­logged words” is the strap-line for the fre­quently updated feast of poetry and prose placed online by lit­er­ary magazine, and today they pub­lished some­thing by me. Here it is. Many thanks to chief amphi­bi­an Shan­non Peil for his indul­gence of my sen­tences. Today, as fur­ther proof that […]

Purely medicinal

Sleep. Snort. Fuck. Not a descrip­tion of my aver­age day, sadly. Only the first of those three really applies to me, in truth. And as I cer­tainly don’t get enough sleep, you can ima­gine what my record for the oth­er two must be like. But I digress. This is SLEEP. SNORT. FUCK. And today’s sleepily […]

Complete write-off

For those of you keep­ing track of my vari­ous activ­it­ies across the inter­net — which I appre­ci­ate is a rap­idly declin­ing num­ber, thanks to the incar­cer­a­tion of most of my devoted stalk­ers for their own safety and men­tal health — you may be inter­ested to know that Writers’ Bloc, the site I notion­ally ‘edited’ and […]

Harold Pinter, I love you, marry me

No longer shall I shield myself from the plain and some­times harsh truth. Instead, I am going to cel­eb­rate it and shout it from the rooftops. Ladies and gen­tle­men (but not chil­dren), pre­pare your­self for a rev­el­a­tion. I am a bit­ter, cyn­ic­al and utterly hate­ful mis­an­thrope. ENJOY! (Ugh.)


‘Oth­er’, the new site that they (who­ever ‘they’ are) are call­ing “the best thing since a pip­ing hot Greggs extra large saus­age roll”, con­tin­ues to pub­lish qual­ity pas­ties and excel­lent pies about all man­ner of writerly, artist­ic and cre­at­ive endeav­ours. (Oh, some­times I am so hifalutin that I amaze myself.) It appears to be becom­ing […]

Queries regarding the disabling of a reflective canine

If you’re still here, you’re a bet­ter per­son than I am. So let me send you away again. To Dog­zplot. Or rather Reflect­ive Dog, the non-fic­­tion lit­er­ary magazine part of the Dog­zplot flashand­po­etry­and­fic­tion lit­er­ary empire, where I have a piece of, yes, non-fic­­tion cur­rently avail­able. It’s all about my tra­gic con­di­tion. Please don’t cry (too […]

Ask a silly question

Have you got a poem in a new book soon to be pub­lished by Chris East and Cath­er­ine Maskell and their Bur­eau de Books? Well, funny you should ask, but yes, yes I have. Who are the oth­er far more illus­tri­ous writers that I’ll find between its cov­ers? There are people I’ve heard of — […]