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I don?t believe in reli­gious exper­i­ences. I don’t trust in the blind­ing light of heav­en. God, I wish I did. But every time we hear the gos­pel, it’s as if we’re listen­ing for the first time. Anew. These thoughts are born again each hour of the heav­en-sent day, called upon whenev­er our unevent­ful unfold­ing requires […]

Your Ghost

Says the shad­ow: “I painted this mir­ror for you last night, just as you asked many moons ago. I am an artist of broad, fren­zied brush­strokes when the night sweats seize me and shake me sense­less.” Says the ghost: “From this moment for­ward, every drop of you will be forever soaked into the pitch black. […]

Footprints in Snow

Caught, trapped, wrapped and wool­len bound in a com­plete whiteout, a winter won­der­land of sorts, with my fin­gers little more than a faded mono­chrome mere mil­li­metres from my face. I can almost believe that noth­ing else exists — that noth­ing else ever exis­ted — bey­ond my pro­tect­ive wall of rust­ing wire. The ever-buzz­ing hive, the […]

Wake Up

“Haven’t we met before, under bright­er skies above?” It was noth­ing more than a nod of accept­ance, a vague echo of under­stand­ing and a limp, nervous hand­shake, yet the sub-text of a single ques­tion would echo on for days. A memory some­how came alive, even though it had still to be lived in its entirety […]

Mr. November

This is noth­ing like it was in my room, in my best clothes. Sharply creased, pressed and ironed into my uni­form. It had been decided that I was going away, because Some­thing Wasn’t Right about me. Because out of sight meant out of mind. Out of the way, more likely. Out of your harm’s way, […]


My Equus, my beast of pos­ses­sion, my trus­ted means of hunt­ing down my obses­sions. The four-legged hurd­ler who nev­er stopped hurt­ling, who rev­elled in the pur­suit, who could be let loose on a moment’s whim to race my each and every all-con­­sum­ing need, desire and deprav­ity to the point on the dis­tant hori­zon where the […]


Too many thoughts this even­ing, this dusk, this night. Over­whelmed by them. So over­whelmed that they merge into a single, tan­gible thought that beats like a human heart ripped untimely from its bloody cham­ber, yet no less treas­ured because of that. You know how it is. You always do. Yes, I’m address­ing you, even though […]

A Little Something

One. Two. Three. Tell me more. “Oth­er people weep, but I just need a little some­thing to make me sleep” is what the wear­i­est of voices mur­murs from inside a caco­phony of noise­less sounds. I play his words again and again, in the des­per­ate hope that they will des­troy the foot­steps dan­cing their end­less obli­vi­on […]

Kelvingrove Baby

“Some­times I used to fly away each night On the wings of an old love song.” I almost dread hav­ing to use the term ‘romantic’ about a song, simply because of the con­nota­tions it imme­di­ately places in my head, let alone any­one else’s. For some reas­on, I invari­ably and unfor­tu­nately end up think­ing of George […]

Filthily depraved uptempo conundrum

You know that you have been listen­ing to too much music when you find your­self pon­der­ing which song, out of a two-way choice between Sex Dwarf by Soft Cell (“lur­ing disco dol­lies to a life of vice”) or Sex Beat by The Gun Club (“we can fuck forever but you will nev­er get my soul”), […]

Destroy Everything You Touch

Look, there’s no easy way of say­ing this, but I used to reg­u­larly exper­i­ence a bad dream. A very bad dream. It was so hor­rif­ic, so black in con­tent, that it was almost amus­ing in its awful bleak­ness. Darkly hil­ari­ous, in fact. The sort of dream from which, if I were a writer of twis­ted […]

One Crowded Hour

Hush. Like all the best things in life, it starts quietly. By streets and miles, leaps and bounds, there is abso­lutely no com­pet­i­tion for the song that meant the most to me in 2006. Unusu­ally, it even man­ages to be a track that was released over this past rather strange year, too. For me, that’s […]