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22:27 and in debt

I’ve been estim­at­ing my net worth again Dis­cov­er­ing how much I amount to But not fin­an­cially Nev­er fin­an­cially Emo­tion­ally cer­tainly Mor­ally maybe Men­tally prob­ably In cold­ness, I am in profit So I have come up want­ing Owing myself Not owed by any­one Check­ing out the fig­ures Cal­cu­lat­ing the future profit Res­ult: I’m broke(n) But not broke(n) enough […]

A new national anthem

Stand to atten­tion. Show no emo­tion. Salute. Give the state your best blank-eyed stare. Kneel when ordered. Rise when ordered. Turn when ordered. Kill when com­manded. Expire when expedi­ent. Place your pos­ses­sions in their met­al safe. Turn into a num­ber in a sea of sim­il­ar­ity, of upturned faces, of reg­u­la­tion uni­forms, of beatif­ic smile upon […]

Cracked screen

She whis­pers to his naked form. Stand­ing over him, press­ing her worn and wrinkled heel into his fore­head, push­ing too hard against his skin and flimsy bone. Her mind is fuzzed by the gut­tur­al wrench of the voice she stole on an autumn after­noon, ripped from the throat of some singing, snort­ing drunk­ard in exchange […]

Misfits #4: handle with care

Pre­scrip­tion: care. Take it when bar­ing your soul. You swal­low the sug­­ar-coated tab­lets read­ily enough with a glass of luke­warm water, each placed fresh every morn­ing on your grate­ful tongue, when you are fight­ing fierce to pro­tect your inner core from the harm­ful effects of mere exist­ence. Thus, you must increase the dosage all the […]

Misfits #3: spoonfuls of spells

I have been try­ing to decide wheth­er we would drink cof­fee, tea or some­thing stronger. Caf­feine addict that I am, the tempta­tion would be to serve extra strong cof­fee and then gabble away nine­teen to the dozen until deep into the night, only retreat­ing to our beds at dawn once we had revealed far too […]

Misfits #2: out of sorts

I stut­ter and tumble over the words. There’s noth­ing strange about you. Noth­ing strange about me. We’re just like each oth­er. Peas in a pod. Hand in glove. Birds of a feath­er. What am I say­ing? Link fin­gers and dance with me, why don’t you? I feel everything when you’re broken, just as you do […]

Misfits #1: not our world

No, you stand cor­rec­ted. This isn’t our world. This is much more. This is our uni­verse. You just don’t real­ise it. We out­num­ber you by at least ten to one — it’s just that we keep very quiet about that fact. We refuse to sub­scribe to your way of think­ing, but we do so in […]