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Check­ing the answer machine I find I’m ruled by atom­ic curi­os­ity Taste per­ma­frost on my upper lip Here you are with your legs bent Knees crooked to your face Embra­cing your thighs Blood spots taint the fridge white Let­ters come with red-marked irrel­ev­ance Quiet for learn­ing how purple life grows A screen of darkened street […]

Sounding the life cycle

Stay silent, stay prone Recum­bent, even Under this late-flower­­ing can­opy Dead-headed to pre­vent fur­ther Infest­a­tion, molesta­tion To pro­mote new growth Of tell-tale green shoots Split open, then, to stop the telling Of plants talk­ing back Through mouth­ing leaves Stay silent, stay prone Open to the touch Of these tender traps, if you let them grasp […]

Skeleton Song

I’m a skel­et­on break­er I nab the bony bas­tards Snap­ping ‘em clean through Lov­ing the sound of frac­tured pel­vis At 3.15 on a blue death night I’m a skel­et­on break­er I’d bleed your pupils clean out If you still had eyes Stick your head here, give me your sock­ets Smash your skull on this breeze […]


I have one hun­dred dogs One hun­dred dogs and Twenty-five pieces of meat And no leashes I am doing the equa­tion Mak­ing the math work in my head Simplist­ic sums are the sum Of all I learnt in school, by rote One car­cass between four dogs Is nev­er going to feed Their empty bel­lies Or […]

I do this

I do this to I do this too I do this x2 I do this to scrub out my insides I do this to spew up my guts I do this to erase the ques­tion mark I do this to rub out the rub out rub out the rub out I do this to cre­ate […]

One moment of meaningful exhalation

[Insert words here]          Um. Well. Indeed. Yes.                   Thank you. Thank you for your time.          That is all.                   Don’t call us. We’ll call you. I am going to climb into my well now.          Please do not drop pebbles on my head.                   Not unless you hear me mum­bling to myself. [Insert more words here. Repeat to fade.]


Some­times I wake with stars in my eyes Some­times I wake with swirls Some­times I wake with dust in my eyes Some­times I wake with tears. Yet always I lie there won­der­ing If you, did you, and why did you Hit me over the head with a ham­mer In the night?