Here you will find links to the monthly archives of An Unre­li­able Wit­ness, which in turn will lead you to every single bloody post. Should you wish to read the entirety at one sit­ting — as some brave souls have tried in the past — I would humbly sug­gest that you seek imme­di­ate psy­chi­at­ric atten­tion, since there is an incred­ible amount of inane and impen­et­rable verb­os­ity con­tained with­in these pages. Idly brows­ing just a few selec­ted posts, how­ever, can prove to be an enter­tain­ing way to pass a dull week­end after­noon, espe­cially if you’re laid up with the dreaded lurgy, go into a cold sweat if you step away from the com­puter for more than fif­teen minutes, or have no social life.