• 11.09.15
  • Misfits

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22:27 and in debt

I’ve been estim­at­ing my net worth again
Dis­cov­er­ing how much I amount to
But not fin­an­cially
Nev­er fin­an­cially
Emo­tion­ally cer­tainly
Mor­ally maybe
Men­tally prob­ably
In cold­ness, I am in profit
So I have come up want­ing
Owing myself
Not owed by any­one
Check­ing out the fig­ures
Cal­cu­lat­ing the future profit
Res­ult: I’m broke(n)
But not broke(n) enough
Rip me off, beg­gar me
Break me more, I deserve debt

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