Skeleton Song

I’m a skel­et­on break­er
I nab the bony bas­tards
Snap­ping ‘em clean through
Lov­ing the sound of frac­tured pel­vis
At 3.15 on a blue death night

I’m a skel­et­on break­er
I’d bleed your pupils clean out
If you still had eyes
Stick your head here, give me your sock­ets
Smash your skull on this breeze block pil­low

I’m a skel­et­on break­er
I won’t join their leth­al dance
Lay on my shoulder
Hold me tight as they crack and swag­ger
St Vit­us Dance on a dead man’s chest

I’m a skel­et­on break­er
I’ll sleep beside you until
” … ” [the unthink­able]
I’ll hide your soul in the night table
Kept safe and sound from my Sturm und Drang

I’m a skel­et­on break­er
Dream shaker to soul taker
Body­bag maker
Come to pass in this self-same night, yet
I haven’t broken a single bone

• Ori­gin­ally pub­lished as audio on PIFFLE: 27.02.09

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